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Herder Brothers Movers began in 1920 when Eugene Herder left his job at the Chicago stockyards and began a hauling business with his three brothers. They began delivering ice in the summer and coal or firewood in the winter with a horse and wagon on the corner of 53rd and Halsted in Chicago.


The brothers bought their first truck after 5 years in business. When the Great depression hit, the brothers found themselves extending credit to customers who couldn't afford to pay up front and customers could pay 3 or 4 dollars at a time towards their balances.


In 1964, Eugene's son, John Herder, came to work for the business. He helped them to diversify into freight hauling, furniture storage, and furniture moving. After 50 years, Herder Brothers moved its long-standing warehouse to 45th and Tripp Avenue.


Herder Brothers moved again in 1977 to its present location in Frankfort, Illinois. While there are no longer any actual Herder Brothers, John's son, Christopher Herder now manages the business.

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